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The Essential Homemade Dog Food Pantry

If you cook for your family, there are some essentials that you’re likely to always have in your food cupboards – rice, pasta, cook-in-sauces spring to mind. It’s similar when it comes to feeding your best friend. Providing you have certain essentials, you can always rustle up something in a hurry. Here’s just a few of them:

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Nettle Leaf for Dogs

Nettle Leaf

Whether you give your dog nettle leaf as a long-term, health-maintaining, herbal tonic, for an occasional energy boost or simply to treat seasonal allergies, your dog’s . . .


A rich source of iodine and natural amino acids, kelp is packed with vitamins and minerals all of which are beneficial to your dog. Today, kelp is considered a superfood for . . .

Chickpeas for Dogs


Antioxidant and nutrient-rich chickpeas make an excellent source of emergency protein and fibre. Suffice to say, they’re an absolute must in any dog pantry. . . .

Wholewheat Pasta

Wholewheat pasta is a low Glycemic Index carbohydrate and an excellent standby as an emergency protein source for diabetic dogs. Definitely a must . . .

Bone Broth

Now this is an absolute essential for a happy and healthy dog. Make beef or chicken bone broth in bulk and always keep some in the freezer. Not only is it good to . . .

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