Natural Goodness for Improved Canine Health

Nettle Leaf for Dogs (50g)


Whether you give your dog nettle leaf as a long-term, health-maintaining, herbal tonic, for an occasional energy boost or simply to treat seasonal allergies, your dog’s canine larder should always contain a stock of nettle leaf.

General herbal tonic, improves digestion, increases energy levels, provides seasonal allergy relief, improves skin & coat condition.


Product Details

Nettle leaf is a good source of energy, can help improve digestion and arthritis, can help improve a dog’s skin and coat condition, is an antihistamine and can be useful for dogs with seasonal allergies.

Though considered a nuisance to many, especially keen gardeners, nettles could be considered a superherb for the various nutritional benefits they offer ourselves and most especially, our dogs.



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