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Herb Blend 6-Pack for Dogs


Developed by our own team to enhance the flavour of homemade dog food, our Herb Blend 6-Pack for Dogs uses 100% natural ingredients.

Full of natural goodness, each pack comprises different herb blends for Beef, Fish, Lamb, Pork, Poultry and a Novel blend for the likes of duck, goat or rabbit. Each individual blend gives your dog a wide variety of beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals, together with a unique flavour even the fussiest of eaters can’t resist.

Natural, healthy, beneficial and tasty. Our dogs love them and so do we!


Product Details

We are extremely proud of our Herb Blends for Dogs. Developed in-house and blended and packaged by hand by our own team here in rural Somerset, each is designed to enhance the flavour of homemade dog food and to complete each recipe with vital natural goodness.

Each blend contains an equal mix of 6 different herbs. Some used because they are traditionally associated with a particular protein source (parsley with poultry for example), some because they help balance out the fats in a recipe (such as hemp seeds and beef), and some purely to increase the variety of natural and healthy nutrients in your dog’s diet.

And because our herb blends make an entire meal more appetising, dogs are less inclined to simply eat their meat and leave their veggies. Ideal for when a dog needs extra encouragement to eat his or her food such as when they’re feeling under the weather.



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