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A beneficial healing herb perhaps better known for its culinary uses, thyme can aid digestion in dogs, as well as offering anti-bacterial and other medicinal properties.

About Thyme

An aromatic, evergreen perennial herb and a member of the mint family, thyme was once used by the ancient Egyptians in the embalming process for which they became so famous – mummification.

On a slightly happier and less unsavoury note, it was later employed by the ancient Greeks who put its pleasantly strong aroma to good use by burning it as incense.

Today of course, thyme is better known for its culinary and medicinal benefits.

Like rosemary, thyme is native to the Mediterranean region, which probably helps explain why it was so popular with those ancient Greeks and particularly the ancient Romans who some believe were the first to use the highly scented herb in the preparation of food.

Thyme is a good source of vitamins B1 and E, magnesium, zinc and copper, and an excellent source of dietary fibre, vitamins A, C and vitamin K, together with folate, calcium, iron and manganese.

Apart from adding flavour to your dog’s food, thyme has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It’s considered to improve digestion and is said to act as a natural dewormer. And because its active ingredients are thymol and carvacrol – the reason why thyme is commonly used as the active ingredient in commercial toothpaste and mouthwashes don’t you know – thyme is excellent for helping to treat the likes of kennel cough and sore gums (gingivitis) in dogs.

Isn’t it about time you tried your dog with thyme? (Sorry about that. It’s corny I know but I just couldn’t help myself)!

Thyme forms part of our Beef Herb Blend, a unique blend of herbs for dogs hand crafted by our team here in rural Somerset to enhance the flavour of beef.

Developed as a herbal supplement to add essential vitamins to your dog’s meals, it includes Calendula Flowers, Hemp Seeds, Kale Flakes, Kelp Powder, Rosemary and Thyme, every one of which has proven health benefits for dogs.

It sits alongside our other herbal blends for dogs as a herbal supplement to bring dogs natural and healthy nutrients just the way nature intended.


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Thyme for Dogs (50g) – Coming Soon

Thyme is beneficial both internally and topically for everything from fighting coughs and infections to treating bacterial and fungal infections of the skin.

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