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Goldenrod for Dogs

Goldenrod is often used by practioners of herbal medicine to counter the effects of kidney stones in dogs and for the cleansing of both the kidneys and the bladder. It can also aid digestion and inflammation.

About Goldenrod

Native to North America, goldenrod is a herbaceous, perennial, flowering plant and a member of the aster family of plants.

As hard as it is to believe, the Model T given to inventor Thomas Edison by his friend Henry Ford, had tyres made from goldenrod.

At the time, there was concern about America’s reliance on imported rubber. Following considerable research, Edison, taking time out from inventing the electric light bulb and the phonograph, discovered that of all the available plants, goldenrod contained the highest percentage of rubber.

The use of the plant to make tyres turned out not to be commercially viable which is why its use was abandoned.

With diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, goldenrod is however still considered useful in maintaining healthy kidney and bladder function. It can also aid digestion, reduce inflammation, fight fungal infections and can even help lower blood pressure in dogs as well as humans.

Goldenrod is particularly beneficial as a general kidney tonic.

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Goldenrod for Dogs – Coming Soon

Goldenrod can be used as a digestive aid and for all manner of kidney disorders, including kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

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