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Monthly Box Scheme

Think ‘inside’ the box!

Introduce your dog to Real Food!

The We Cook for Dogs! Monthly Box Scheme for Dogs is a monthly subscription service designed to deliver tail-waggingly fresh, natural, handmade, treats, healthy snacks and meal enhancers direct to your door for your dog’s culinary enjoyment.

* You might be perfectly happy with your dog’s current food but feel that he or she deserves a little treat once in a while.

* Perhaps you have a fussy eater. Maybe you’d like to try a variety of toppings or dressings to make your dog’s existing food more interesting or palatable.

* Or perhaps you’d simply like to add a little regular variety into his or her life. The opportunity to experience the very best in healthy, all-natural, handmade, canine cuisine.

So much for so little

For just £29.95 a month, we’ll send your dog his or her personalized Monthly Box of Goodness. It will contain the likes of portions of our regular meals, toppings, dressings, treats, cookies and new recipes so far only enjoyed by our Chief Tasters, Marco and Ava.

Everything will be natural, healthy, handmade by us, and created only with ingredients passed fit for human consumption. Which means you too can eat them well if you so wish. You may laugh, but we know for certain that’s what happens when most people get to sample our Apple Crisps for Dogs. The dogs barely get a look in!

Rest assured, we don’t buy in highly-processed, mass-produced, heavily-packaged products from around the world, put them in a fancy box, add a profit margin and sell them on to you.

Handmade in Somerset

We hand make every single item in our own kitchens in rural Somerset, using only canine-safe, human-grade, natural and healthy, gluten and grain free ingredients.

First and foremost we’re committed to the health and happiness of dogs through good nutrition. That’s what makes our Monthly Box Scheme different from the rest!

Want to know more?

For any further questions, please contact us using the form on the right.

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