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Here at We Cook for Dogs! we are very much a team. From the time we were first joined by Marco, we looked for a way to share our love of our fabulously handsome young dog with the rest of the world.

When he developed food allergies, we found the answer. Meticulously research how to home cook for him and then teach others to do the same for their dogs. To create our own recipes and develop our own natural remedies that would cure his allergies and make him fitter, healthier and happier. And derive considerable comfort from knowing exactly what we were feeding our best friend, something we knew troubled so many other dog parents.

Joined by Ava early in 2017, we now have a team and a philosophy which we are happy to share with the rest of the world.





Marco, our founder, is a large, intelligent, friendly, affectionate and fabulously handsome 5 year old German Shepherd Dog whose mother is one of the few German Shepherds in the UK to have qualified to become a Therapy Dog, also known as a PAT dog.

Marco is far from small, yet people seem inexplicably drawn to him. There is just something about him that puts a smile on the face and a spring in the step of everyone who comes into contact with him.

As well as being our President, Marco is our Executive Head of Product Development & Quality Control, our Head of non-Human Resources and our Chief Taster.



Executive Vice President

German Shepherd Ava joined our team in January 2017 at the age of 5 months. We call her a German Shepherd but actually she’s more of a ‘Euro Shepherd’ – a very special and rare little girl, 75% German Shepherd, 20% Dutch Shepherd, and 5% Belgian Shepherd.

Photogenic Ava is enthusiastic, energetic, playful, exceptionally beautiful and an absolute star when it comes to Dog Agility.

As well as being best friend to our founder Marco, she is also our Executive Vice President in charge of New Product Development, our First Assistant Quality Control Taster and our Resident Style Icon and Fashion Guru.

Ann-marie Morgan

Ann-marie Morgan

Creative Director

Ann-marie has always been creative. From making up excuses for her homework being late at school to inventing imaginary friends to invite round for tea, creativity just seems to run in her veins.

To date, Ann-marie has been responsible for everything from creating and cooking our recipes to designing and building our website. She’s that talented, she even takes all our photographs and designs our packaging and labels. She even prepares and bakes all our dog treats in what little remains of her spare time.

When she’s not being creative elsewhere, Ann-marie has a passion for gardening and a love of dogs.

Gerald Pepin

Gerald Pepin

Managing Director

An enthusiastic amateur drummer who plays drums more like Phil Tufnell than Phil Collins, Gerald is one of those unfortunate individuals born with a face better suited to radio than to television.

A former member of the Armed Forces, he has been a dog lover since childhood and, as a young man, confesses to having had more dogs in his life than girlfriends!

A frustrated writer, Gerald decided somewhat late in life that as he couldn’t write like Ernest Hemingway, and since he was never going to get to play drums for Genesis or Coldplay, he might be better immersing himself in his other great passion in life, his love of dogs.


Although no longer physically with us, Dolly, our first ever chicken, will always be part of our team. Dolly was a constant joy. She knew her name, would come when called, and loved working with us in the garden.

Our Silkie Chickens

Silkies are small, bantam-type birds known for their calm, friendly temperament. They love being handled, make wonderful pets, and lay perfect little eggs!

Want to join our team? Do you share our passion for dogs and have something you feel you can add to enhance the life of dogs through the quality of their food?

Perhaps you’re a diva in the kitchen or a dab hand at marketing. Maybe you’d just like to be involved in a growing business that could take you on the adventure of a lifetime?

If you feel you have something to offer, Marco is waiting to hear from you.

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