Natural Goodness for Improved Canine Health
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Your dog can have fun with his or her food just as you and I do, and you can make it even more fun and interesting by varying things a little. A slow feeder will ensure your dog really has to savour his or her food rather than wolfing it down in one go. And hiding treats around the house, especially on a rainy day, is an ideal way of entertaining and exercising your dog at the same time. It’s true. Your dog really can have fun with food!

Dog Agility

Dog Agility

Okay so it’s not necessarily food related, but you just have to witness it to see how much pleasure your dog can derive from a bit of play on an agility course! Sign up for our weekly pupdates and make your best friend a happier and healthier dog with homemade dog...

Essential Nutrients

Botanical Nutrient Blend

Dog Chef Daily

Plant-based 100% natural daily superfood supplement. Dog nutritionist-approved. No additives or preservatives. Boosts the immune system. Improves gut health. Feed daily for best results.


Dog Chef Calcium

UK produced 100% natural calcium carbonate, essential for good bone health. Add daily to homemade dog food for maximum benefit.


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