Natural Goodness for Improved Canine Health

Natural herbs for dogs can do a great deal to improve the health of your best friend. In the same way that a sick dog living in the wild will seek out herbs at a time of health crisis, herbs have been used by man to treat dog ailments since he first began to domesticate the dog many thousands of years ago. Traditional veterinary medicine is very good at treating the symptoms of an illness, but it is not so good at treating the cause of a problem. That is where natural herbs for dogs can play an enormous part in keeping your dog happy and healthy – by treating if not entirely eliminating the cause of disease. And they make homemade dog food taste nicer of course!

Essential Nutrients

Botanical Nutrient Blend

Herb Blends for Dogs

When making homemade food for your dog, no recipe is complete without adding one of our unique blends of 100% natural essential vitamins & minerals, all hand-blended by our team here in rural Somerset.


Eggshell Powder

Next to raw meaty bones, Eggshell Powder is the richest source of essential calcium for dogs. Ours is naturally made in rural Somerset from eggs laid by our own free-range chickens!


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