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The Increasing Popularity of Homemade Dog Food

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Not since the advent of commercial dog food some 150 years ago has there been a wider variety of available diets for dogs than there is today. And by variety, I don’t mean variety of kibble (dry dog biscuit). Kibble is kibble, end of story. Despite what manufacturers might tell you, there is little to choose between one brand of kibble and another. No, for the purpose of this post we are talking about the increasing variety of proper food for dogs.

Yes, freshly prepared, homemade dog food is marginally less convenient. But it is so, so much better for the health of your dog than nutritionally-compromised dry or canned dog foods. Would you feel safe in feeding yourself or your family nothing more than a dry biscuit that, without being frozen, can sit in your kitchen cupboard for a year or more without going off? Wouldn’t you wonder how on earth they managed that? Wouldn’t you ask yourself how they could possibly make it as nutritious and healthy as freshly cooked food? (The fact is of course, they can’t. Never did. Never will). And wouldn’t you get just a little bored with the same food day in day and day out for the entirety of your life?

Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, dogs have a digestive tract very similar to yours and mine and digest their food in much the same way as you and I do. They also have the benefit of 15,000 years of human domestication, a relationship which many experts believe was greatly facilitated by the fact that those early dogs were able and willing to share the same food as their human companions. It was a symbiotic relationship that benefited both man and dog, and it’s a relationship that, certainly for those of us who choose to provide homemade food for our best friends, continues to this day.

Despite what commercial pet food manufacturers along with many vets would have you believe, dogs were never, ever, designed to exist on one variety of food alone any more than you and I.

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