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Homemade Dog Food – Essentials

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While they’re not essential for the first week while you’re transitioning your dog from his or her current diet to homemade food, there are a few things you’ll be needing to ensure your dog’s homemade meals are complete over time.


One of life’s essentials where your dog is concerned is calcium. Your dog needs calcium to build and maintain healthy bones, nails and teeth and to help maintain a healthy coat. He or she needs calcium to support nerve and muscle function, to help blood to clot and to maintain a healthy heart, as well as for hormone distribution, to aid circulation and for a healthy digestion.

If you feed your dog raw meaty bones several times a week, adding calcium to his or her diet is not something you need to worry about. But if you don’t, your dog is at serious risk of debilating health issues unless you supplement his or her homemade diet with the next best provider of that all-important calcium – Ground Eggshell Powder. Next to raw meat bones, Eggshell Powder is just about the richest source of essential calcium for dogs on the planet. It’s also the most natural. And ours is made, by us, by hand, here in rural Somerset, from eggs laid by our own free-range chickens. Eggshell Powder doesn’t get any more natural or healthier than that!

Vitamins & Minerals

We don’t believe in giving our dogs any synthetic ingredients. If you see on a packet of commercial dog food that the ingredients include the likes of glucosamine hydrochloride or vitamins listed individually such as vitamin C or vitamin E, they are synthetic ingredients. They are industrial by-products. They are not natural, they are not healthy and they have no place inside your dog!

Over a number of years we have developed a range of natural Herb Blends for Dogs, designed to supplement homemade dog food in the most natural way possible. Full of goodness and blended and packaged by hand by our own team here in rural Somerset using 100% natural ingredients, they give your dog a wide variety of beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals, together with flavours even the fussiest of eaters find irresistable.

We use them, our dogs love them, and you and your dog can use and love them too!


Dog-safe oils include coconut oil (ideally raw, 100% organic, cold pressed, extra virgin), flaxseed oil, krill oil, sunflower oil, fish oil, olive oil (extra virgin), salmon oil and safflower oil. Try to give your dog a wide variety of oils, but most importantly, fish/salmon oil on a regular basis.

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