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Fussy Eaters Thrive on Homemade Dog Food

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No matter how great the quality of the food, some dogs, for any number of reasons, can decide not to eat on any given day. After all, don’t we all get days like that?

That having been said, it would be a rare dog indeed who could resist a proper homemade meal. The term “fussy eater” really only relates to dogs who are fed mass-produced commercial dog food which, for most dogs, is kibble or dried dog biscuit.

If your dog is a fussy eater, you could try popping his or her meal into the microwave briefly just to warm it a little or at least take the chill off it. Or you could try sprinkling a little cheese over it.

If you’re still having difficulties, drop us a line and we’ll see if we can tailor a solution just for your best friend.

It’s important to remember though that no dog will starve itself to death. Not all dogs are motivated by food. When your dog is hungry enough, he or she will eat!

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