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Benefits of Homemade Dog Food

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As witnessed by the internet, there are literally tens of thousands of documented cases of dogs whose medical conditions have improved by switching to homemade dog food.

Everything from skin complaints to digestive problems, from seizures to arthritis and from allergies to ear infections, all have been improved or cured simply by changing to a healthier homemade diet. Don’t just take our word for it. Check it out for yourself!

Despite it being the major cause of concern for many modern dog owners, most stick to their current commercial dog food not because they’re happy with it, but because they don’t know how to go about changing it. Let’s face it, it’s a big step. We’re all programmed to believe that commercial dog food is the best way to feed our dogs, even though in our heart of hearts we know that what we’re feeding our dogs twice a day doesn’t look like real food. And even when our dogs fall ill and our logic tells us that it’s their diet that’s at fault, we’re still reluctant to make the change for fear of making things worse.

That’s exactly how we felt when our young dog Marco first became unwell some years ago. We suspected it might be his food that wasn’t agreeing with him, but it seemed such a huge leap to try changing his diet. So rather than dealing with the issue, we simply switched from one brand to another. In our case, we switched from dry food to wet food, not fully understanding at the time that the ingredients in wet dog food were much the same as in dry dog food, and that both were rammed to the gunwales with additives, preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Neither was real food as you and I know it.

Finally, we grasped the nettle. And, to cut a very, very long story short, we have never looked back. Suffice to say, five years later, thanks to homemade dog food, our beloved Marco has never looked better.

Now our President, Executive Head of Product Development & Quality Control, Head of non-Human Resources and Chief Taster, nothing gets added to our list of homemade dog food recipes until it’s received Marco’s seal of approval!

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