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Rolled Oats

Cook & feed your dog Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats for Dogs

Rolled oats can improve a dog’s digestion and can lower a dog’s cholesterol level. They can be used topically to heal sores and wounds and even used to make a healthy and natural shampoo. There’s a lot more to rolled oats than you might have thought!

Herb Blends for Dogs

When making homemade dog food for your dog, no recipe is complete without adding one of our unique blends of 100% natural essential vitamins & minerals.

Prepare, cook & serve


Rolled Oats are dog-friendly!

About Rolled Oats:
Traditionally made from dehusked and steamed oat groats which are rolled into flakes before being lightly toasted, rolled oats are better known to most of us as porridge, a lightly processed, slow-release, wholegrain food which has sustained man and beast for thousands of years and is the breakfast cereal of choice for countless millions across the world.

Benefits of Rolled Oats:
Rolled oats are a good source of vitamins E, K, B6 and B9 (also known as folate, naturally occurring folic acid). They are also a good source of soluble fibre, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

Low in gluten, rolled oats make an excellent wheat substitute for dogs who suffer with allergies. They are also good for a dog’s skin and coat and, because of their richness in fibre, naturally help to keep a dog regular.

And, with so many benefits, they’re an absolute essential in any dog’s homemade dog food pantry.

Preparing & Cooking:
Simply cook your dog’s oats, with water (no milk, salt or sugar). Allow to cool and serve.

Serving Suggestion:
You could serve your dog’s oats on their own, with their food, or, for an extra special treat, with a dollop of natural yogurt.

See recipe suggestion below or visit recipes for further suggestions.

Do not give your dog rolled oats which have been sweetened, or unneccessarily over processed.

Follow recipe guidelines to ensure moderation and to avoid digestive issues.

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