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Natural Yogurt

Feed your dog Natural Yogurt

Natural Yogurt for Dogs

For all round good gut health, we recommend feeding your dog a spoonful or two of natural yogurt several times a week. It’s a useful standby for when your dog might be feeling under the weather or suffering a bout of tummy trouble.

Herb Blends for Dogs

When making homemade dog food for your dog, no recipe is complete without adding one of our unique blends of 100% natural essential vitamins & minerals.

Prepare, cook & serve


Natural Yogurt is dog-friendly!

About Natural Yogurt:
Natural or plain yogurt is one of the world’s most popular fermented dairy products. Created by adding live bacteria to milk, it’s rich in protein, calcium and potassium, and has been instrumental in enhancing good health for thousands of years.

Natural yogurt is good for people, and, on so many levels, it’s good for dogs too!

Benefits of Natural Yogurt:
In addition to providing a valuable source of calcium and protein, natural yogurt is rich in friendly bacteria, useful in balancing the digestive system after any kind of digestive issue.

Natural yogurt is also recommended by many holistic vets as a treatment for any dog suffering from a yeast infection, which symptoms can include itching, scratching, hair loss and chewing paws, in addition to the unmistakable ‘yeasty’ smell.

Because of its all-round health benefits, we give our dogs a few spoonfuls of natural yogurt several times a week and they thrive on it. It should be your first line of defence if your dog suffers any kind of digestive disruption or tummy trouble. Natural yogurt is most definitely something deserving of a permanent place in your dog’s homemade dog food pantry.

Preparing & Cooking:
No preparation or cooking required. Just lift the lid and dish it out.

Serving Suggestion:
You can add a spoonful of natural yogurt to just about anything and your dog will lap it up.

See recipe suggestion below or visit recipes for further suggestions.

While milk is generally not good for dogs, natural yogurt is absolutely fine. It is also a useful standby for when your dog might be feeling under the weather or suffering a bout of tummy trouble. Few things settle a dog’s tummy better than natural yogurt, and it acts as a probiotic, helping to re-establish healthy bacteria, known as ‘friendly bacteria’, in the gut after any kind of digestive issue such as diarrhea or constipation.

Only ever feed your dog plain, natural yogurt – without addded sugar, sweeteners, and definitely without xylitol!

Follow recipe guidelines to ensure moderation and to avoid digestive issues.

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Watermelon & Iced Yogurt Licks

With just two ingredients, this is a summer recipe you can make in minutes, pop in the freezer for a couple of hours and both you and your dog can be enjoying them for days.

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