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Apples for Dogs

An excellent source of fibre with modest amounts of nutrients, apples can still play an important role in the health of your dog from cleaning teeth and freshening breath to potentially protecting your best friend from cancer.

Herb Blends for Dogs

When making homemade dog food for your dog, no recipe is complete without adding one of our unique blends of 100% natural essential vitamins & minerals.

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Apples are dog-friendly!

About Apples:
The humble apple has come a long way from its wild origins high in the mountains of southern Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Today, the biblical forbidden fruit is grown in every corner of the globe, and has become an inexpensive year-round staple in our supermarkets thanks to its seemingly infinite adaptability coupled with the development of modern atmosphere controlled storage techniques.

Benefits of Apples:
Despite being surprisingly low in essential nutrients, apples are still a valuable source of vitamins C and A, potassium and fibre, and have the ability to help keep a dog’s teeth clean and its breath fresh.

And notwithstanding the fact that they’re far from nutrient rich, apples do provide other health benefits. They are an excellent source of phytonutrients and flavonoids, natural chemicals that help fight disease, which may help with fighting certain types of cancer in both humans and dogs.

And being high in fibre, apples are good for a dog’s digestive system, and make an excellent low protein, low calorie meal additive for older dogs or dogs needing to lose weight.

So the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may be just as appropriate for dogs as it is for human beings.

Preparing & Cooking:
Wash and slice the apple (no need to peel), remove the seeds, core and stem (the core is potentially a choking hazard).

Serving Suggestion:
Give your dog a few slices a day as a healthy treat, or wash, cut and combine boiled or steamed apples with other ingredients and apportion or serve. (We not only add cooked apple to some of our meals and our treats, we also give our dogs a few of our delicious Apple Crisps for Dogs as a treat every evening).

See recipe suggestion below or visit recipes for further suggestions.

Apples make an excellent low calorie treat for dogs. Importantly though, you MUST remove the seeds because they are poisonous to dogs.

Follow recipe guidelines to ensure moderation and to avoid digestive issues.

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Sweet Potato & Apple Mini Crunchies

Completely natural, complementary training treats for dogs made with sweet potato and apple. Dogs love them!

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