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Homemade Dog Food Helpful Hints – Balance, Variety & Moderation

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Balance, Variety & Moderation are the three basic principles of dog nutrition. They are the same three principles that we human beings follow when it comes to feeding ourselves and our families. No one needs to tell us to follow them, it’s simply that common sense dictates it’s the right thing to do.

If we balance one ingredient against another – not too much meat, not too little veg for example – eat a wide variety of different foods and don’t eat so much of anything that we put on unnecessary weight, we should stay lean, fit and healthy.

Long before commercial dog food came into existence little more than a hundred and fifty years ago, dog owners and breeders practiced those principles for centuries. They gave us the vast majority of the breeds we know and love today.

Those breeds were not developed and improved on commercial dog food. They were honed to perfection on homemade dog food and the adherence to the principles of Balance, Variety & Moderation.

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