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When you set out on the road to provide homemade food for your dog or even start to think in terms of feeding your dog a homemade diet, a number of things will happen.

Self doubt will start to creep in

When this happens, and it will, you’ll be asking yourself the same questions we all asked ouselves when starting out on this rewarding journey. What if I get this wrong? What if I don’t do that right? What if I don’t give my dog enough of this, that or the other?

When this happens, forget all you’ve heard about why commercial dog food is the only way to feed your dog. Ignore all the naysayers, disregard all the hype. Just ask yourself one question. If I have managed all these years to provide nutritious food for myself and the rest of my family, why shouldn’t I also be able to do the same for my dog?

Someone will ask you if you’re qualified to provide your dog’s nutrition

When this happens, ask yourself what qualifications you have to feed yourself and your family. Because if you can feed yourself and your family, and we’ve already established that you can, then you can most certainly feed your best friend. If you feed your dog a wide variety of minimally processed whole food ingredients, vary the protein source and don’t feed too much, then he or she is going to be infinitely healthier and infinitely better fed than the vast majority of dogs anywhere in the world.

Someone will ask if you’ve checked with your vet

When this happens, tell them no. Tell them that vets, as highly trained as they are, are not trained in small animal nutrition. Tell them that small animal nutrition is a specialist field. Tell them that there are only 3 fully qualified, board certified, veterinary nutritionists in the UK. Tell them that what little training vets do have is sponsored by the large pet food manufacturers, and that it is in the interest of any veterinary practice to recommend this that or the other brand of commercial dog food because they make lots of money out of it.

Suggest they should seek the view of any of the increasing number of holistic veterinarians in the UK who will tell you you can and should make homemade for your dog.

Oh, and tell them that the founders of two of the UK’s most popular brands of commercial dog food, one of them a vet, actually ‘recommend’ in their books and publications that people can and should make homemade food for their dogs.

Someone will say commercial pet food is the only way to go

When this happens, ask yourself (and ask them), what dogs were fed on for thousands of years before commercial dog food was created 150 years ago. Ask yourself (and them), how come the food in the bag doesn’t look like real food. Ask yourself why you can’t fully understand the ingredients used. Ask yourself why the piece of chicken or beef on the bag doesn’t look like real chicken or beef. Ask yourself why it’s so cheap. Ask yourself how the food can sit on a shelf for two years without going off. Ask yourself why dogs spend so much time at the vets these days. Ask yourself why dogs don’t live as long as they used to. Ask yourself why so many dogs are overweight today.

And when you’ve done all that …

And when you’ve done all that, come at it from a different angle. Don’t think in terms of dog food and people food. Just think FOOD. Ever since man first began to domesticate the dog some fifteen thousand years go, man and dog shared the same food. That’s one of the reasons our relationship with the dog has been so successful.

If food manufacturers today started telling you that from now on, instead of eating meat and fresh fruit and vegetables and a wide variety of ingredients, you only needed to eat the same brand of dry biscuit for the rest of your life, you’d question it, wouldn’t you. So question why it’s okay to feed your dog that way and not you and the rest of your family. Because you are an animal just like your dog. You both share a similar digestive system. Both of you process food in much the same way. With minor differences, both of you need the same nutrients, the same benefits from the food you eat.

So just remember when you doubt your ability to make properly balanced and nutritious homemade food for your dog – at the end of the day, when all is said and done, Food is Food!

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