Natural Goodness for Improved Canine Health

Eggshells are an excellent, easily digestible and natural source of calcium for dogs, as well as containing trace amounts of magnesium, strontium and 25 other minerals all of which are important for good bone health.

Our own, home-grown, washed, baked and finely ground Eggshell Powder, contributed by our own free-range chickens, provide your dog with the best possible source of calcium, second only to raw bones.

Unlike most Eggshell Powder on the market ours is laid and made in the UK – laid by our own chickens and hand-prepared by our own team right here in rural Somerset


Although no longer physically with us, Dolly, our first ever chicken, will always be part of our team. Dolly was a constant joy. She knew her name, would come when called, and loved working in the garden with us.

Our Silkie Chickens

Silkies are small, bantam-type birds known for their calm, friendly temperament. They love being handled, make wonderful pets, and lay perfect little eggs!

The Canine Nutritionist

Improve the health of your best friend!
Give Your Dog Extra Years


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