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Dog Food Myths – No.5

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Dogs should always be fed the same food

That dogs should always be fed exactly the same food is one of the biggest misconceptions devised by Marketing Man on behalf of commercial dog food manufacturers. It’s a lie created in order to keep us buying their particular brand, and sad to relate, it’s a ploy that works.

It’s also nonsense. Dogs have a digestive system similar to ours. Like ourselves, they thrive on variety, and, like ourselves, their digestive systems are designed to process and benefit from a wide variety of foods.

Feeding your dog the same food for the entirety of his or her life would be like you and I living off highly processed takeaway food and nothing else. Yes we might enjoy it on occasion, but we know there’s precious little real goodness in it, and over time, our health would suffer as a result of the lack of variety in our diet. It is exactly the same with dogs.

Apart from anything else, feeding a variety of high quality foods reduces the chance of a dog developing a food sensitivity to either one protein or to one particular ingredient. This, together with the potential for serious illness, is greatly increased when just one type of food is fed the whole time.

A wide variety of high quality foods also provides a wider variety of different nutrients, important to us all, dogs and humans alike, if we and they wish to stay healthy and live a long and active life.

For more information, read Dog Food, the Story so Far.

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