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Cure Your Dog from the Inside Out

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If your dog has a health issue, before you do anything else you should examine its diet. Don’t rush to the vet for a cortisone injection because your dog has a skin problem. Take responsibility for your best friend. Ask yourself what might be causing the problem. The cortisone injection won’t cure the problem, it will only provide temporary relief from the symptoms. The problem will still be there, you’ll simply mask it for a while and then your dog will start suffering all over again.

The vast majority of canine health issues, especially skin related problems, can be cured by diet. If you feed your dog dry dog food, take a good hard look at it. I mean a really hard look. Does it look like real food to you? Never mind what it says on the packet, does it look like real food? If it doesn’t look like real food it’s because it isn’t real food. And if it’s not real food, why would you be surprised that it causes your dog problems?

Your dog has a digestive system not so dissimilar to yours and mine. Yes, there are differences, but by and large, we’re pretty much the same. So how healthy do you imagine you would be if you ate nothing but dry dog biscuit, day in, day out for the entirety of your life? Because if you think it would make you unwell, why wouldn’t it do the same to your dog?

Forget what your vet tells you. Forget the ‘complete and balanced’ nonsense on the packet. That’s marketing jargon no matter how the pet food industry dresses it up. Use your common sense. If what you’re feeding your dog doesn’t look like real food it’s because it isn’t real food. And if it isn’t real food, is it any wonder your dog has health issues?

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